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The idea of gluten-free diet has been around for quite some time now, and you can certainly incorporate it into your corporate event snacks. Just look for a food service and bakery that manufactures tasty yet gluten-free products, so you can seamlessly serve them to your guests.

It could solve your need for delicious snack items that will keep everybody awake throughout your event. You won’t hear too much complaints as well, since gluten-free snacks would taste similar to common sweets and goodies.

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Now, you should know more about the significant benefits you can get from simple gluten-free snacks.

What gluten-free food products do for your corporate events

To begin with, gluten is the sticky protein substance present in many pastries, bread, cereal, and other processed foods, which helps in maintaining food elasticity in the fermentation phases. However, gluten can pose serious concerns for people allergic to it. That is why gluten-free diet plans are made.

Having gluten-free food items as snacks in your corporate event in Australia can do some wonders.

Prevents triggering the Celiac disease among your guests

Celiac disease is a gastrointestinal problem which involves the immune system attacking healthy cells. And, this is triggered by the presence of glutinous food in the digestive tract.

Attacks from the immune system could damage the small intestines of people suffering from Celiac disease, which puts their life at risk in worst case scenarios. Ordering your gluten-free snacks from reliable food service companies Australia has can help you easily avoid such a problem.

Promotes wellness and health

For people who are noty at risk of having Celiac disease, gluten-free diet can help them improve or regulate their health for the better. For example, it enhances digestive wellness, reduces the risk of heart disease, lowers cholesterol levels, and helps you lose weight efficiently among other health perks.

Buying bulks of gluten-free products from trusted food service distributors Australia has can help you enjoy such perks. You can even tell your guests a bit about it, after they enjoy their snacks or desserts.

Tastes delicious and great

You don’t have to worry about giving gluten-free snacks to your guests throughout your event. As long as you will buy it from a good food service and bakery, you can be sure of having delicious snacks and desserts.

This is because gluten-free food items could taste similar to common glutinous goodies too. Let a professional make them, and they would taste definitely fantastic to enjoy.

Order your gluten-free food items from a reliable company

The key of having wonderful gluten-free snacks for your corporate events is to find a reliable company that makes them. Make sure they specifically produce gluten-free goodies and ask for their food service catalogue.

Of course, be sure that they could meet the quantity demand for your event as well.

To make your search easier, don’t miss to check out for the best gluten-free food service and bakery products. Country Chef offers gluten-free banana bread and pavlovas, which your guests will probably love.

Finger Food Recipes to Add to Your Catering…

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If you are planning a party, the first thing you should get sorted is the caterer. You need to choose a caterer that is not only reputed for their services but can also meet your requirements. For example, if you are hosting a casual-themed party, you must look for finger food catering Melbourne has to offer. Finger food recipes will add to the relaxing vibe of the party and make it seem more fun for your guests.

To help you plan for event catering Melbourne has, you should list down a few recipe ideas. This will be coordinated with a company that offers catering Melbourne CBD has today so they can prepare it for your party.

Below are fun recipes to incorporate into your contract with finger food catering Melbourne has (if you’re in the city I’m living in):

Pizza Wheels

For those of you who haven’t tried this before, it is basically a pizza (crust with tomato sauce and meat toppings) that is formed into rolls instead of the traditional big round pizza. It makes it easy to bite into and enjoy the food in a casual party setting.

Potato Salad Bites

This is another hit offered by finger food catering Melbourne has today. This is easy to prepare wherein you stuff potato salad into baked potato slices. This is a popular recipe for appetizers but can be incorporated into your finger food menu!

Mini Corn Dogs

Another classic recipe that your guests will love – mini corn dog is basically hotdog on a stick that is coated with a thick batter. You can also provide variety to this traditional recipe by offering a wide range of dips.

Crab Cakes

Love to serve seafood to your guests? A traditional crab cake recipe would be a hit at your party! It is an easy to prepare recipe that offers a lot of savory goodness that your guests will enjoy.

Mini Caprese Bites

If you want to keep your menu a bit on the gourmet side, the mini caprese bites is a great choice. The best part about preparing caprese bites is that you can choose many alternatives based on your preference.


This Italian classic is another fun recipe to add to your finger food catering menu. The versatility of bruschetta is what makes it appeal to more people – you can choose to add savory or sweet toppings to it.

Mini Sliders

What’s more fun than eating burgers at a party? Chowing down on mini burger sliders! It is savory, delectable and truly enjoyable, especially for your guests with a huge appetite. Essential Caterer

Mini Cupcakes

If you are going to build a dessert station for your party, make sure to include cupcakes into your menu. They are a classic favorite and will be a delight to your guests.


This is another savory option that appeals to party-goers of all age groups. Whether you are serving them for a kids or adults’ party, meatballs is a must in the menu!

These are just some of the fun recipes to include for your finger food catering menu. Aside from being fun to consume, opting for finger foods can be an alternative if you are looking for cheap catering Melbourne has to offer. You can therefore stick to your budget while still keeping your guests satisfied!

Discover the best checklist you need for your…

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When the time to celebrate your wedding with your relatives and friends comes, a reception venue is among the crucial things that revolve around your mind. You will come across about three or four nice reception venues Melbourne has today, and this means you need to narrow down to the best among them.

This won’t distress you if you have in mind some of the modern reception venue trends. If you know how to make first things first, getting a great reception venue would be easy for you. Here is what you should bear in mind when getting a memorable reception venue:

Facilities available

You should find out whether your bridal party can be allowed to prepare at the reception venue. You should check if the reception venue is child-friendly if you have some children in the bridal-party list or if you expect your guests to come with their children. Ensure the venue has some modern entertainment facilities for children since they might not enjoy what the adults would enjoy.

The venue should also have the right access or lift facilities for the disabled and elderly guests. You should know that most of the reception venues Melbourne has today you visit have public liability insurance, secure space for wedding gifts, enough toilets, and outdoor space where your guests can mingle and smoke.

Included costs

It’s good to know the payment schedule that the reception venue offers and if it would be suitable for you.

If you have to pay some deposit for the reception venue, find out how much and the payment method to use. If something inevitable happens compelling you to cancel some things, what cancellation policy would you get?

Check if the packages and discounts you get would depend on the number of guests you book accommodation for. Now that most of the special occasions venues Melbourne has to offer give clients some off-peak special reductions, it’s good to find out if you would get them too.

Think about the venue’s accommodation

Some reception and party venues include the bridal suite in the given price while others don’t. Others have some reserved complimentary rooms for the wedding party and parents, while others don’t. This shows that you need to know the kind of accommodation you should get in most of the party venues Melbourne has today and if they have discounted rates.

Find out if you can get some other hotels and bed and breakfasts in that area for your extra guests. Know what the check out time is and if the taxi companies in the area are reliable especially at the odd hours of the night.

If you want to book some block rooms for your business meetings, find out for how long the business function venues Melbourne has today can hold them.

Anyone you see happy with the reception venue they hired was careful to think about the above facts. Great reception venues are easy to find once you have the right approach. Although most of the reception venues Melbourne has today have the flexibility that suits the needs of their clients, a follow-up is necessary to ensure this doesn’t change. See more at