How to choose an online course for learning and actually complete it

Do you dream of learning a new profession but don’t know which courses to take to make a good living? Do you think it is impossible to start your career from scratch? Do you want to know all the things you need to know about choosing a course? We will tell you which courses you need to take to earn a good living.

In the current situation, many people have turned their attention to the possibilities of self-education. The market has responded instantly: educational resources have opened up free access to their online courses. At the same time, 90% of the content is archived video lectures without live dialogue. One of our studies showed: people need live formats with real-time speakers, group work and feedback. This is the only way to get truly applicable and useful knowledge and tools from online learning.

Why do you need this skill?

Even if the educational objective sounds worthy, check its applicability. If you realise that English, especially at such a high level, is likely to be of no use to you in your work or personal life, you should consider wasting resources. Similarly with public speaking: perhaps you have simply succumbed to the general trend of “you can’t do without it nowadays”, but in practice you will never get the chance to speak before so many audiences. Motivation, backed up by concrete “why” plans, will grow more quickly.

How do you choose the direction of the course for learn online?

Decide what knowledge you want to gain from the course. For example, if you choose a photography course, decide: do you want to take cool shots or is it more important to learn how to promote services? What exactly do you want to photograph? Write down your desires in detail and build on them to decide which courses to choose and not get confused.

Think about what kind of work in life makes you happy and focus on one direction. Do you love writing texts? Then feel free to go into copywriting. Do you feel happier when you find a new bud on your violet? Try opting for a floristry course. A great variety of courses for adults here

What’s to be on the lookout for learn online

  1. Outdated archived video lectures.
  2. Irrelevant practical experience of the teacher in the subject/skill he/she is helping to deliver.
  3. Lack of teacher feedback and ways of communicating with classmates.
  4. A curriculum which is not relevant.
  5. Lack of progress tracking.
  6. Poor feedback in subject groups or communities.
  7. A mismatch between the price and the expected benefits of the course.

How to get qualification online and not overpay for courses

To choose a useful course and follow it through to completion, you need to:

  • Clearly articulate your learning objective.
  • Make sure it is practicable in your normal life or career.
  • Set a deadline and think about the possible difficulties in reaching your goal. Decide what resources you are willing to spend (financial and time) on it.
  • Choose a course or programme which is psychologically comfortable in terms of rules, learning format and personal preference for the environment.

When choosing, pay attention to the trainer’s profile, the relevance and relevance of the content and programme, technical support for the course, feedback on it, and calculate whether the chosen training is cost-effective.

Problems newcomers face after completing the learn online

Afraid to put a price tag on your fees? Calculate how much time and energy you’ll spend on a single case, and then you can confidently answer the question, “Why this price?”

  1. Average Check. Research the average market price for photo shoots in your area. It’s important to consider the difference between working for weddings and children’s parties, portraits and love stories.
  2. Experience. Be guided by average figures, but don’t forget to assess your own experience. Don’t set your prices too high if you are just starting out.
  3. Equipment. In order to recoup the cost of your equipment, don’t devalue it and don’t set a low price.
  4. Rates. Form different packages: from the minimum to the most expensive. Clients usually choose the average value.

Getting lost when you need to find clients?

Start with friends and acquaintances. Once you’ve established yourself as a good professional, word of mouth will start to spread and people will come running. Don’t forget to ask for testimonials so that potential clients see them and trust you more. Word of mouth is when satisfied clients recommend you to their friends, who recommend you to their friends.

Feeling insecure about communicating with customers?

Write down communication scripts and simulate situations so that you know how to respond right away. Over time, experience will emerge and negotiations will not get bogged down.

What to do after you have completed the course?

Imagine that you have already completed the best course and received a certificate, but what next? How do you avoid being left without clients and “flitting off” after the first difficulties?

Take a rest day at the end of the course. But don’t procrastinate: allow yourself to do nothing for that one day only. Give yourself 24 hours for the information and emotions to settle in your head, and only then begin to act.

The next day you will think that you have forgotten everything, but this is an illusion. Try to load yourself up with orders as much as possible from the first day, don’t take a week’s break so your brain can’t come up with excuses and difficulties.

Decide how you want to work. If you want to work in a salon, that’s easy: a certificate gives you the opportunity. Send out your CV to the salons you are interested in and apply to 10-15 jobs every day until you find a job.

If you decide to work for yourself, take care of your client base. Take a few free orders to remove the psychological clamps and get the technical part down to earth. At first it’s important to work on technique and quantity so that you can focus on quality. The more orders you work off, the faster you will get results.

After 3 weeks, take a refresher course or buy a personal consultation from a trainer. A professional will point out the mistakes and you will get to the next level faster and grow in income.