Mental Health Benefits of Online Games

Being an industry of more than $15 billion and attracting more than 217 million gamers around the world, the online gaming industry has great traction in our society today. However, this shift towards such online pastimes has not been welcomed by all and some have formed a negative stigma on such activities. However, it may be worth reconsidering as online gaming in moderation has been associated with several mental health benefits, such as:

• Strategic planning
Online games put the competitor’s strategic planning skills to the test. To find the best solutions and get the most points/rewards, players are forced to plan which next step will strategically drive them to success. Such games exercise parts of the brain that are not always used. Using such brain regions that target logic, speed, and reasoning has been proven to help the brain stay sharp and ward off mental decline that comes with age.

• Social connection
Online gaming communities are thriving digital kingdoms. In such communities, players from all over the world can participate in the same game against each other or on the same team. It encourages healthy competition and connections that support social growth and communication skills.

• Hand eye coordination
While online gaming is not necessarily physically demanding, it does have physical benefits when it comes to hand-eye coordination. Studies have shown that kids who play video games have better hand-eye coordination than kids who don’t. It helps keep your coordination sharp so your natural reactions are tuned for things like throwing and catching that rugby ball.

• Tech savvy future
There is no denying that digital is the way of the future. There has been a huge shift to online and it is a movement that is gaining momentum every day. Online gamers have the advantage of being comfortable and knowledgeable about the digital world, which can bring 토토사이트 great benefits to their professional lives. Online gaming forums are known to keep pace with cutting edge technology that gives gamers the upper hand when it comes to keeping up with the digital revolution.

• Memory Boost
There are a number of logic games online that help improve memory. Your memory works like a muscle. If you don’t exercise it; it will surely weaken. It’s important to put it to the test on a regular basis by doing things like playing games that boost your memory, so when it comes to bigger tasks it will serve you well.

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