NZ Fur Seals

The New Zealand Fur Seals are glorious animals that many view similar to a danger, yet like any living things there are times that you can approach and times that you can’t. By and large around October onwards they are extremely defensive particularly the huge Females though around June and July they are more congenial.

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Taking this a piece further it truly relies on the seals. One should never assume that you can move toward them and contact them as this isn’t true. Seals that are accustomed to having people around are much more getting than ones that carry on with an existence of isolation.

During my recording with in South Australia on board a Research vessel I had the chance to see the two sides of the New Zealand Fur Seals. Indeed that is correct even our seals are over in Australia, yet that is another story.

During July we had the option to move toward the seals on one of the Neptune Islands. The adolescents were exceptionally tolerating as were most of the enormous females. Simply investigate these incredible photographs of the New Zealand Fur Seals in our slideshow.

Getting back to the Neptune Islands in October was seal fur another story, as the Juveniles were as yet inquisitive however I viewed them as more mindful. The seals were currently arriving at a development level where they were leaving mum and taking off the shore looking for their own food. This is the point at which they are generally helpless against the Great White sharks that we went to Dive with.

The enormous Females were forceful as they were pregnant, similarly as any new mum or experienced at it would be. I even had a major seal pursue me for a couple of meters and I should say they truly can cover a few distances. Since they look tremendous fat and apathetic, don’t let this fool you as they awkward dive covering a fair distance rapidly.

I’m anticipating doing a major area about the New Zealand Fur Seals whenever I have investigated them more to have the option to precisely teach our youths. This is an incredible chance to impart to my youngsters the significance and risks related with every single living animal.

Hello, I go by Paul Morris and this is my account of how I overcame my apprehensions about sharks with Phil Keoghan of No open door squandered. From that point forward I have made and based on own site trusting that others can find out about the Great White Shark and Diving in New Zealand.