Scratch Your Curiosity: How Dentists Remove Wisdom Tooth

Marrie Gotti | September 23, 2019 | 0 | Healthcare

Suffering from an extremely painful wisdom tooth? That’s definitely bad beyond words. How much more if you’d think about a dentist tinkering with your mouth to pull it out?

Thing is, you’re probably curious on how would a Brisbane dentist do that, to begin with.

Thus, before you look for the cheapest dentist Brisbane has to offer, read on this article for you to know how a dentist will remove your painful tooth.

How Do Dentists Remove Wisdom Tooth

If you know how wisdom tooth removal or extraction works, you can finally eliminate your anxiety or fear with the procedure. Moreover, it can also help you to cooperate with the dentists for best dental fix results.

1. Check-up and X-Ray

First, the dentist should know the exact condition of your wisdom tooth, if it’s impacted or erupted. Initial dental check-up and X-Ray in Brisbane could help a lot, so the dentist could have a specified plan in doing the procedure on your individual case.

2. Initial Preparation Procedures

Next, the Brisbane dentist will prepare you for the tooth extraction procedure. On this step, anesthesia will be applied on your gums, so you won’t feel too much pain throughout the procedure.

This makes it important for you to find the cheapest dentist Brisbane has to offer, who has enough knowledge in dealing with anesthesia for tooth extraction. After all, wisdom tooth removal could require a specific amount to avoid any problems.

3. Clearing the Area of the Wisdom Tooth

When you’re already numb from the anesthesia, the dentist will begin clearing the area on and around your wisdom tooth. He or she would remove gum tissue and bones, and the procedure will depend on the condition of your tooth.

Say, you have an impacted wisdom tooth, or one covered with gum tissues or bones. The dentist will first make an incision through the gum tissue and bones, before clearing them out of the way.

4. Loosening of the Wisdom Tooth

Once the areas on and around your wisdom tooth are cleared, the dentist will loosen the connective tissues that hold the tooth. He may also slice the tooth for easier removal.

You can find a cheap dental Brisbane service that could help you with your wisdom tooth, but make sure he’s reliable enough. Failing with this step means a dentist will simply pull the wisdom tooth out, which is definitely much more painful and could cause complications.

5. Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The dentist will then gently pull out your wisdom tooth after loosening it from the tooth socket. If he’s successful with the previous step, this will be less painful for you.

6. Stitching Your Gums

After the removal of your wisdom tooth, the dentist will stitch up your gums to help it heal better. This is to help in keeping the wound in place.

7. Post-Surgical Procedures

Finally, the dentist will give you a set of instruction that could help in healing your gums. The instruction might include taking the right medications, avoiding prohibited foods, and applying a gauze on which you should bite.

With a reliable yet cheapest dentist Brisbane has to offer, you can surely trust him or her with all of these steps. This can help you deal with your wisdom tooth with lesser worries.

If you can’t find one, consider searching about “affordable dentist near me” on Google. You can also visit for more info.

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