Why Commercial Real Estate Investments Make Sense

Many people think buying a property is easy. However, after they have experienced the process of buying a property they realize there is much more to it than finding the right property and signing a purchase and sale agreement. There are many steps involved when buying a home. Buyers often feel fear or uncertainty throughout the process. An experienced Florida realty lawyer can guide the buyer through every step of the buying process and ensure the buyer’s best interests. Here are the steps and how a Florida attorney can assist the buyer.

While it is not essential to retain a Florida real estate attorney during the precontract negotiation phases of a residential real estate purchase transaction. It can be very helpful for the buyer if he has questions regarding the purchase price, tax issues or other matters. Talking to an experienced Florida real-estate attorney about buyer’s concerns and questions will allow the buyer to address the situation before the buyer is bound by a contract to buy a home. It will also give the buyer comfort regarding any questions the buyer might have regarding the home purchase.

Florida residential purchase contracts are often standard-form contracts that include check boxes such as FAR/BAR and FAR/BAR. But a contract to sell isn’t a simple document. The buyer should be advised by a Florida real-estate attorney before they are bound forever to the terms of the contract. A Florida contract to sell a house has many details. While the real estate agent will prepare the contract of sale, it is the buyer’s attorney who will discuss everything with the buyer about the terms of the contract and what they mean. It is important to know the details of a real property contract of sale. This includes the purchase price, deposit amount, escrow provisions and where they will be kept. The buyer’s attorney will also explain what the buyer needs to know about the closing process. The involvement of a Florida realty attorney during this stage is invaluable to help explain the details, requirements, and consequences of many contractual considerations.

Clear title and marketable title are necessary in order to be able to close on a property. A title insurance company will issue a report that lists any violations and title clouds against the seller as well as the property the buyer wants to purchase. The usual violations against the seller include judgments. A title search report is ordered from a title insurance company. It will list any title guglu homes mls that might appear on a property. An experienced Florida realty attorney will review the title searches report and any information therein to ensure that the title status is correct before proceeding with the purchase.


The buyer’s lender will almost always require a survey if the buyer plans to finance his or her purchase. However, in cash transactions, it is vital that the property be surveyed and the results carefully reviewed before closing. A survey is essential for anyone who wants to buy a home. It will help determine the location of the property lines and any encroachments. A survey will allow the buyer to see if the property lines are clear. The buyer’s lawyer will request a survey and have it certified. The survey findings will be explained to the buyer by his real estate attorney. He will also answer any questions the buyer may have about the items.

The closing of title, which is the last step in any real-estate purchase, is something that the buyer’s lawyer will heavily participate in. Closing of title is the signing and delivery to the buyer of the deed to the property. This is the final step in any real estate purchase. It is important to have a Florida real estate lawyer present at closing so that all documentation are properly executed and accurate. Buyer’s attorney will answer any questions about the purchase transaction and/or closing documents. The buyer’s attorney will also ensure that the funds for the purchase transaction go to the right person.

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